In addition to all of the above and its various mutations, my life has included two husbands, two traumatic lovers, four children, some travel, and forty years of being bipolar 1 (That’s the bad kind of bipolar.) You can get a better picture of all my various manifestations, by what I wrote as a sign to go on the urn of my ashes:

“Here lies the remains of:
Mary Louise (Boots, Bootsie) Holzman, Deutsch, Stauffer
Also know as
Marylou Hadditt
Whose Hebrew name is

Her names tell the story of her life.

And that is what you will find in this blog. Bits of pieces of what I’ve done, where I’ve been, who I lived with, loved with and fought with.; pieces of joy and clumps of regrets; victories and disappointments. Paper dolls and illustrated stories. Trip journals and photos of long lost friends.

I invented my last name in 1975, when I entered the Women’s Movement and left my second husband. Here’s what I wrote at that time:

I’m tired of a sir name
I want a her name.
I’ve had my first husband’s name.
I’ve had my second husband’s name.
I’ve had my father’s name
and my grandfather’s
and my great grandfather’s
all the way back to Adam’s rib.

I’ve had it!

That’s it.
I got it.
My her name.
I love it!
Marylou Hadditt,
That’s me.