More Words on racism

(Letter to the Editor the Press Democrat didn’t print.)

I am fascinated by the ease with which us folks living north or west of the old Mason-Dixon line manage to blame racism on Confederate flags, South Carolina and the cops.  Racism is ubiquitous – that means it exists in every possible nook and corner of this land.  And it won’t go away until we look at our White selves, look at what we hide behind:  “I’m not racist.  I don’t say the N— word”, or “I’m not racist.  I support the NAACP”, or “I didn’t know our jails are filled with 60%+ African-American men”, or “I didn’t realize the median White net worth is 13 times more than African American’s”, or a whole bucket full of denials on the part of us White folks.

Wake up!  Look at the current voter restriction laws in many states.  Visit a court room to see first hand how justice is dispensed.  Take a look at red-lining in most cities.  Go to the library.  Read Michelle Alexander’s “The New Jim Crow”.  Learn what’s happening around you – and  act.

Black lives matter.