Note from Penny: we four children get creative at birthdays. These were written for 60th and 70th birthday celebrations.

Lucia, Penny, Gail Steve - ML's 60th

Lucia, Penny, Gail Steve – ML’s 60th

May 1998 (70)

There once were four children who started
but their efforts were really retarded,
they tried to complete
a rhyme to repeat
before their dear mother departed.

Bootsie she was called as a girl
green eyes and black hair all a’curl
in dresses with sashes
she flashed her long lashes
and Necie called Bootsie her pearl

Marylou wrote ads for Sam Bell
It was something she did rather well
Co-op ads won her prizes
which was no surprises
the folks in Hyde Park thought her swell.

Her politics are quite left of center
though whom could we say was her Mentor:
Was it Aunt Bea or Sagan?
Lillian Smith, but not Reagan
from the South to Sonoma it sent her.

Let me tell you how she got her new name
after four kids, two husbands, INSANE
we know she went nuts
no ifs ands or buts
now Hadditt’s the name that she claims

There once was a Sonoma witch
whose life, at 70, was rich
she wanted a ritual
but got only victuals
and the party went off without hitch.

1988 (60th)

To the tune of “Daisy:”

Bootsie, Bootsie, tell me your name, now do.
Bootsie, Bootsie, or is it
What really is your name?
For it never stays the same?
Whatever you choose, it never will lose
The essence that’s truly you.
Holzman, Hadditt, Stauffer and a Deutsch
Bootsie surely has given us a choice

Two marriages and a flip-out
We know it was a trip-out.
So What will be next; how can we guess?
What life will bring next for you?

(to the tune of Rocky Racoon: see kazoo accompaniment in photo)
Somewhere in the back hills of Sonoma there lived an
old haq named Marylou. And one day she had her sixtieth birthday; it blew her away
She said ” I can’t believe it”
So one day she had a great big party with family and friends that would never end..
Mary Louise
Sorted through life’s debris
And always had something to salvage.
From Hyde Park to Kenwood, she’s mainly done good
And will live to a hardy ripe old age
Her life’s work it seems,
has been pursuing her dream and continuing her education. Her career will unfold
And will turn into gold,
As she works towards her
Mary Louise
Stepped into the Breeze,
Only to air out her fanny.
Her fanny, It seems,
had split at the seams,
while methane escaped from her cranny.